6 March 2012

Algae Biofuels - Energy From Algae

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Algae Reactor

ETDE is currently working as the engineering partner and turnkey design and build solution provider for next generation voraxial and photobioreactor’s for algal biofuel applications working in partnership with the world’s leading academic institutions Plymouth Marine Labs, University College London and Protein Technologies increasingly to develop cost-effective and sustainable industrial processes for the production of fuel and chemical products from renewable sources.


Project Background: Liquid biofuels can be derived from agricultural and marine sources. Bioethanol dominates the former, but its future growth is limited by three obstacles.

Firstly, it suffers from negative net-energy & resource balances, requiring large amounts of oil derived fertilizers and oil-fuelled process plant. Next, with the world demand for food increasing, even lignocellulosic ethanol are likely to be regarded in future as socially unacceptable. Finally, its production process is inherently wasteful, producing a low value product from the plant's cellulose and only animal feed from its lignin.

Algal biofuels benefit from two major comparative advantages:

  • with higher photosynthetic efficiencies than plants they generate greater biomass yields and
  • they do not compete for agricultural land.