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Broomfield Hospital

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Bouygues Energies & Services has been working in partnership with the Broomfield Hospital to deliver Hard FM, Lifecycle and HelpDesk Services to the New Build element since 2010.


Statutory compliance

Working closely with our client, we work hard to ensure the building and services continue to meet the demanding and critical nature of patient care. We put the patient experience first, providing a well maintained, fully compliant hospital environment. By ensuring we keep the patients at the forefront of our minds, we have built a strong relationship with our client based on trust and hard work.

Our Solution

It was fundamental for Broomfield Hospital, and Bouygues E&S, that the patient experience was not impacted by the dual approach to Hard FM services, and that service remained consistent across the hospital.

As part of our service delivery platform, we established a HelpDesk facility that deals with all Hard and Soft FM Services in one central place.

The creation of interfaces and protocols detailing responsibilities on site (including AE/AP roles), in relation to shared technology such as fire systems, pneumatic tubes and physical links between the new and retained estate has been fundamental to our success on this project.

Our approach improved the hospital’s reporting mechanisms, aligned the facilities under a single number and provided added value through the removal of dual running costs.

Working with Broomfield Hospital, we ensure that we always maintain consistency of service for the teams and patients regardless of the building category or whoever is delivering the services.

Client Benefits

Joint procurement approach

By working together with the hospital, we can benchmark subcontractor prices and therefore procure at the best price for our client.

Collaborative benchmarking

By conducting bottom-up reviews of Hard FM services costs with the client and external advisers (costs identified as within benchmarks) during operations, we continually challenge and optimise the services we are providing.

Corporate Responsibility

In line with our corporate approach, we currently use 67% SMEs in our supply chain.

We actively seek to recruit from the local community and have an apprenticeship scheme in place to support those getting into work.

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