Battery Storage

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As global demand sets ever more ambitious renewable energy supply targets, growing challenges have to be met in energy storage, grid-balancing and frequency response. At Bouygues Energies & Services, we are at the forefront of the expanding battery storage market, a key enabler for smart grids.


Your Challenges

With continuous investment in renewable energy sources, the need for energy storage is ever increasing. Battery storage technology will enable you to utilise low cost electricity, whilst enabling you to generate additional revenue trough various revenue streams.

We work with utilities, private customers, venture capitalists and public sector bodies to design and install both behind the meter and large scale battery systems. These battery systems can react in milliseconds to help balance the frequency of supply, as opposed to traditional generators with a response time of under 10 seconds. They can also be connected to generation assets and EV chargers and have the capability to increase site resilience by providing UPS and back-up reserve functionality. 

Our solution

We develop and deliver up to grid-scale Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) for public and private sector, both Grid scale and Behind the Meter (BtM). Our solutions include market leading energy management software to maximise Firm Frequency Response (FFR), Capacity Market, Balancing mechanism and Triads, as well as other grid services backed by a flexible warranty.

We partner with energy management system specialists to provide future flexibility, by increasing the capacity of the system and adjusting for different services and different battery / storage types. We are commercialising second-life electric vehicle batteries, reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable future.

We are proud to be on the ETL Battery Storage Framework.

ETL Battery Storage Framework

Our Commitments

Bestpoke solution, tailored to your needs

  • Stand alone systems

  • UPS/Back-up reserve functionality 

  • Colocation with generation assets

Availability guaranteed

  • Our offer is based on the provision of an availability guarantee of up to 94% per annum for the whole of the system

Gainshare arrangement

  • We provide a gainshare arrangement on any revenue improvement

Enhanced Availability Performance

  • Significant Additional Annual Revenues


  • Our proposal is backed by an Engineer, Procure, and Construct (EPC) wrap, provided by the Bouygues parent group (€36bn)

Full operations and Maintenance 

Augmentation of the system (battery replacement / upgrade)

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