District Heat

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Heat networks reduce maintenance on the heat generation system, whilst simultaneously reducing capital expenditure through the use of less plant. The heat network has the advantage of distributing heat, hot water and electricity to multiple buildings from a  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) source. We can develop commercial models for our clients that allow export of surplus heat to neighbouring heat networks or other businesses.


Your Challenges


Reducing the cost of maintenance and carbon footprint are key drivers for all users, as well as improving the sustainability and flexibility of energy management. District Heat networks provide these reduced costs, as well as increasing revenue by selling excess energy to external businesses or the grid. 

Bouygues Energies & Services can design and implement these heat networks, or assist you in developing existing networks. Managing end user energy usage and heat losses within your network through smart monitoring and control.




Our Solutions

Bouygues Energies & Services provide District Heating Networks (DHN) solutions for both new and retrofit buildings, resulting in higher efficiencies and maintenance savings. DHN combined heat and power (CHPDH) is the cheapest method of cutting carbon emissions. A combination of CHP and centralised heat pumps can be provided in a multi energy system.

We also provide efficient energy distribution systems, through installing technology that can remotely monitor and manage the health of a DHN and pinpoint the exact location of underperformance. This technology ensures all parameters are within the optimum settings.

Our Commitment

  • Providing energy savings through the CHP/heat pump technology.

  • Reducing maintenance costs by having a single energy centre.

  • Usage of the latest materials for the DHN pipework.

  • Improving system performance and fault finding through the use of monitoring software and system design.

  • The design and selection of the Heat Interface Units (HIUs).

  • Providing pay as you go billing,

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