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Mill Solar Farm

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Bouygues Energies & Services partnered with Wirsol to design and construct a 5MWp solar PV farm in Lincolnshire County. The partnership includes a 5-year Operation and Maintenance contract, completed under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction framework.


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Our Solution

Bouygues Energies & Services built and connected the new facility for Wirsol. The 30-acre site houses approximately 20,000 PV panels and two medium voltage power stations, which successfully produce electricity for the local area. Inverters and transformers housed in the power stations convert the DC output into AC to supply to the mains. The project was delivered on schedule, approved and energised in March 2016.

We also upgraded the access road from the public highway to the site (c250-300m), using a lime stabilisation process. This allowed access to the site for construction and maintenance purposes.

Bouygues Energies & Services National Operations Centre remotely monitors the CCTV on the site 24/7. Our monitoring works down to each string level, checking for output and any faults.

Client Benefits

Satisfaction in the local area

Assessments have demonstrated high levels of satisfaction from local residents and stakeholders.

Joint venture relationship

A joint venture relationship with abakus enabled a turnkey solution.

Client satisfaction

The project was built and is maintained to the client’s performance specifications. The project has exceeded its contractually bench-marked KPIs and is performing even better than initially expected.

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