Roof Mounted PV

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We Know Your World

Interest is constantly growing over incorporating small scale renewable electricity generation into site-encompassing Energy Performance Contracts. Increased reliability and decreased cost of the technology mean small scale energy generation is more than ever economically viable.


Your Challenges

Historically, the view has been that solar power is an expensive investment with a slow return on investment. However this is no longer the case, with solar power having another record year, and more solar power being used than ever before. 

We give our clients the opportunity to decrease their carbon impact. We reduce their grid-demand by engineering solutions to provide them with the most efficient implementation of roof mounted PV. A cost efficient way of utilising solar power. 

Our Solution

Bouygues Energies & Services develops Roof Mounted PV solar installations as part of our energy conservation measures for energy storage, usually under an Energy Performance Contract. This enables our clients to meet part of their demand with electricity generated onsite from a renewable source, we design and engineer solutions unique to the nature of the client’s site.

Once panels are in place, we also offer smart metering solutions, where electricity generation data is sent directly to managing software. This enables clients to monitor the efficiency of generation of the PV installations.

Our Commitments

• Identifying the most suitable Solar PV system for the client.

• Structural surveys to assess the roof structure for load bearing and safety.

• Guaranteed output of the Solar PV system.

• Installing sub metering and software including irradiance measurement.

• Optimising FiT rates where possible.

• Remote Monitoring of the System to ensure optimum performance.

• Providing technical support post installation.

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