Smart Energy Grids

Smart Energy Grids are fundamental to the reduction of energy consumption and increase the efficiency and reliability of our energy. 

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We Know Your World

As interest grows for the wide deployment of smart metering and renewable energy generation, from businesses to local communities, Smart Energy Grids are fast becoming the answer to efficient energy management.


Your Challenges

The technology revolution is creating an increased demand for smart infrastructure, leading to more decentralised energy requirements. An example of this is an increase in employee electrical vehicles, creating the need for more charging points and renewable technologies, combined with energy storage. 

Bouygues Energies & Services can provide these services, as well as intelligent data networks and smart infrastructure. We continue to develop the energy technologies required to power this revolution, utilising innovation and working with our partners and SMEs to deliver the energy solutions you need.

Our Solution

We install and commission off-grid/grid-connected smart grid systems, with energy optimisation and generation at the centre of our smart energy grid solutions.

Our smart energy grid offer ranges from a simple utilisation model and option, to selling back electricity to the grid, to a Short Term Operating Reserve offer in line with National Grid requirements. We can provide comprehensive infrastructure upgrades and major grid generation through decentralised networks. We also combine renewable technology and energy storage with smart metering, with the centrally controlled smart energy grid system.

Our Commitments
Engineers PPE
  • Delivering smart control of networks

  • Improving commercial offering to client

  • Additional offer of energy export to the grid

  • Energy resilience

  • Balancing of grid

  • Cost savings

  • Additional revenue

  • Technology development

Latest case studies

  • Bouygues Energies & Services works in partnership with Broomfield Hospital to deliver Hard FM, Lifecycle and HelpDesk Services.
  • Bouygues Energies & Services enters a partnership to design and construct a 5MWp solar PV farm, completed under an EPC framework.
  • Existing clients of ours wanted to bring their device inventories to 100% compliance.
  • Our client required a highly controlled, ISO class 8 cleanroom for appropriate testing of the ExoMars Rover.
  • Our client required a new Learning Centre to influence and inspire young people to purse careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).
  • In 2007 we began a 30 year PFI Agreement with Peterborough City Council to deliver Total Facilities Management to various schools across the city.

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