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Beatson Institute is one of Cancer Research UK’s core-funded institutes, with a reputation for basic cancer research, including world-class metabolism studies and renowned in vivo modelling of tumour growth and metastasis. Their goal for the future is for their discovery work to continue apace that is applied to preclinical and clinical studies. In order to achieve their future goals Beatson Institute needed their old inefficient Air Handling Unit (AHU) upgraded for their site in Glasgow.


6 week


14 day

holding test



Our Solution

As a cleanroom design and build specialist, Bouygues Energies & Services were appointed by Beatson Institute to supply an energy saving and flexible solution. A solution that would help improve the internal air quality, humidity, temperature control and air changes within two of their cleanrooms. 

Bouygues Energies & Services initially proposed two Air Handling Units to support their requirement, but later found that one unit would be sufficient. In return saving Beatson Institute money and space.  

The work was carried out within a tight space in their live facility where the timescales for a shutdown was of the upmost importance. This resulted in a phased approach where the existing AHU and associated elements were removed and the new AHU unit, associated controls along new supply and extract ductwork were installed using a flat-pack method. Finally a 14 day holding test was required, where it needed to demonstrate the environmental conditions could be maintained within set parameters for two weeks.   

The project was completed to a cGMP standard with the support of installation, mechanical, electrical and commissioning support from Bouygues Energies & Services. A 6 week programme completed on time and within budget.

Client Benefits 

Zero down time 
The site had minimal disruptions to the site allowing the client to operate to the same operational level and continue with their development. 

Delivered on time 
The client needed the project to be completed in a specific time frame allowing them to move forward with their future development. The project was completed in the estimated timeframe and within budget.

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