London Borough of Lambeth Energy and Efficiency Project

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Bouygues Energies & Services partnered with the London Borough of Lambeth to save energy and improve efficiency by replacing existing street lighting with LED lanterns. 


energy savings

4 month delivery


reduction in energy consumption

The fundamental aims of this project were to reduce energy costs for Lambeth Council, and to provide better illuminated streets. The partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services has also helped the council to become more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions. 

Our Solution

We delivered an energy focused design solution, driving down costs and increasing the London Borough of Lambeth's overall efficiency

  • The ambitious programme of works was carried out by our infrastructure division, replacing a total of 8500 of the HID lighting units with LED residential lanterns
  • Replacement works began in June and were completed one month ahead of schedule in September
  • Throughout the project, we ensured minimal disruption was caused to residents and road users

Client Benefits

Our partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth resulted in serveral benefits: 

  • Local Authority started receiving paybacks almost immediately 

due to instant savings from energy bills as a result of early completion

  • Energy consumption was reduced

from over 905 Kw to 348.5 Kw, a 61% saving

  • Colour rendering from the LED lanterns improved visual clarity

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