Energy Efficiency

We improve your energy efficiency by installing smart energy technologies and influencing behavioural change.

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We Know Your World

At Bouygues Energies & Services we link energy efficiency and services to provide reduced energy use in buildings. We do this by installing innovative technologies and providing a through-life energy optimisation approach to routine operations and maintenance procedures.


Your Challenges

With energy prices continuing to rise, and ambitious energy reduction targets being set, it is crucial that you have an energy efficient solution for your business. Meeting current and future legislation is a fundamental requirement, as well as being provided with enough energy capacity for the future in the most efficient way.

We recognise that businesses are constantly changing to meet their customers’ needs, and as a result we are flexible and dynamic in energy requirements, offering advice and bespoke technical solutions.

Our Solutions

From initial engagement through to the final installation of energy efficient technologies, we listen to your needs and tailor the best energy efficiency measures for you, providing optimum savings and the best return on investment.

We provide monitoring systems that can identify the key areas where you use excess energy, and can provide an insight into your current working practices, pinpointing exactly where savings can be made. Detail audits by our technical specialists will identify the key energy efficiency areas for improvement as listed below;

  • Lighting and controls
  • Heat recovery
  • Variable speed drives on pumps/fans
  • PC control and voltage optimisation
  • Water efficiency measures
  • Building management system
  • Energy management software
  • Automated meter reading
  • Automatic monitoring and targeting
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Solar thermal
  • Cavity wall and loft insulation
  • Insulation to pipework
  • Draught proofing
  • Secondary glazing
  • Radiator reflector panels
  • District heating
  • Combined heat and power

Our Commitment

You can rely on a partnership with a team of building systems experts, committed to maximising the value of your environmental investment.

To achieve minimal operational costs and maximum productivity of your occupants, we enable seamless communication between various building services like heating, cooling, control of lighting as well as low-voltage energy distribution, making your facilities true high-performance energy-efficient buildings. Our state of the art building automation and energy management solutions enhance the energy efficiency and productivity of your buildings’ energy and mechanical infrastructure, producing savings between 15-30 percent. All without compromises on comfort and utilisation.

  • Smarter energy monitoring of building systems

  • Integrating technologies.

  • Providing innovative solutions through our building management systems

  • Guaranteed energy savings

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Reduced energy utility costs

  • Improved energy efficiency awareness through behavioural change training

  • A centralised view of energy use

  • A strategic plan for continued carbon reduction

  • Options for finance, including gain share

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