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Bouygues Energies & Services round up 2019 in style, winning the Data Centre Construction Team of the Year Award. 

An award they have won for showing commitment, innovation and initiative in the recently completed London5 project. The first building in the Stockley park hyper-scale campus which they delivered earlier than anticipated, they achieved this by taking a creative, driven and innovative approach to the great delight and satisfaction of the client and end-user. 

The birth of a data centre is always a race against the clock, as time is money. It’s also one where no corners can be cut, and the eventual product must not fall below the agreed quality.

Steven Weir Managing Director of Bouygues Energies & Services Contracting said: “We're extremely proud of the entire data centre team, and honoured they've won such a prestigious award as DCD construction team of the year. Partnership with our clients and suppliers is a core value, and our teams have embraced this. They've created a culture of trust allowing for the fluid movement of these projects to be captured and delivered to the standards and timelines expected in a high-end market.”

Dan Mace Executive Vice President Data Centre, Bouygues Energies & Services, added: “It is down to the whole teams’ abilities, innovation, tenaciousness and sheer determination that has allowed them to achieve this quality and speed to market within our DC projects. The collaborative approach is a model we strongly believe in at Bouygues, we feel that going forward in data centre construction this is the only model for us. It's not only a beneficial but a necessity to deliver these large agile data centre builds, we look forward to developing this approach to our new projects within the UK and Europe over the coming months. Well done to the whole team, we are honoured and humbled to work with you.”

An award thoroughly deserved by all the individuals on the project who continue to innovate and deliver beyond expectations. 

If you would like to learn more about the LONDON5 Project click the following link:

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