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ExoMars Rover Cleanroom

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Our client are a crucial player in the international ExoMars programme, led by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos. The ExoMars rover is an automated vehicle, being engineered and built by our client, which will be launched into Space in 2020. The mission: search for past and present lifeforms on Mars.






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Client's Requirement

To progress with the ExoMars Rover programme, our client required a bespoke facility, which would be purpose-built and highly controlled to ISO class 8 classification. All operations would need to maintain strict BioBurden control parameters, as well as be aware of the molecular and particulate contamination risks.

Our Solution

Following previous experience of working in collaboration with the client, Bouygues Energies & Services were appointed as the turnkey design & build partner for the project.

Our track record of delivery for cutting-edge technology and mission critical projects enabled us to present a detailed solution that met our client’s specialist requirement, as well as the stringent expectations of their end client; the ESA. By collaborating with client teams and ExoMars project management executives, our own team were able to fully identify and understand distinctive features of the project and therefore offer a fully tailored solution.

The full-height, stainless steel design comprised of a changing room, airlock, and equipment support and preparation areas. In order to meet the paramount environmental demands, a molecular carbon filtration system and temperature and humidity controls were core aspects of the design. The necessary BioBurden control parameters were maintained, enabling us to deliver an ISO validated cleanroom classification in readiness for client VOC bake-out periods and ExoMars Rover preparations.

Client Benefits

A single point of accountability
Providing detailed design, architectural, construction, procurement, installation, mechanical & electrical services, commissioning and validation to offer seamless engineering solutions to the challenges facing our client.

International credibility
The new facility will enable our client to move forward with the ExoMars Rover programme, contributing to global astronomical advancement through exploration of the Red Planet.

Validated results
By delivering the project to strict regulatory standards, the facility is validated under the ISO classifications, allowing our client to meet the expectations of the European Space Agency.

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