Delivering £1.3m Refurbishment at Barnet Hospital

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On 1 December 2016 Bouygues Energies & Services handed over the newly refurbished adult assessment unit (AAU) at Barnet Hospital on time and on budget. The refurbishment was part of the redevelopment programme to improve emergency flow at Barnet Hospital, by removing some of the pressure from the Hospitals A&E dept.

Barnet Hospital needed a solution to the current lack of capacity for patients attending A&E. The new AAU provides this. We started working with the Hospital on the redesign on 16 June 2016 and, working closely with our supply chain and Barnet Hospital, we were able to submit a scheme and fixed maximum price in time, in just 1 month. By starting the preparatory works at the same time we were able to achieve the build programme of just 125 days, this included 15 days at the end for testing, commissioning, de-snagging and familiarisation. To achieve this goal in such a short time required a close working relationship with the Hospital and a clear focus on what was required at the end and what was superfluous to their needs.

Since the project was delivered the team have received a lot of praise:

“This is a really wonderful new unit and it will mean a greatly improved patient experience.” (Kay Gilsenan, Royal Free London AAU Matron)

“An important milestone and clearly credit needs to go to both our teams.” (Mark Henning, Metier SPV Operations Director)

“Congratulations to the teams and particularly to Bouygues for their effort and diligence in this timely delivery!”(Giorgiana Wegener, InfraRed Capital Partners Limited SPV Investment Director)

Well done to everyone involved in this important and worthwhile project.


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