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Kent County Council Energy Saving Scheme

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In 2016, Bouygues Energies & Services partnered with Kent County Council to reduce street lighting energy consumption in order to meet the challenge of rising energy prices. To achieve this Kent County Council aimed to convert all of its current street lights to Light Emitting Diode (LED) products.


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The overall aim of this project is to reduce energy consumption by at least 60% whilst maintaining lighting standards in accordance with BS5489: 2015. The project work, to install LED lanterns, started in March 2016 and will be delivered in three phases:

  1. In the first 14 months, 75,000 residential lights will be changed
  2. Over 24 months, approximately 45,000 major road and town centre street lights will be changed
  3. Ongoing maintenance of the assets for the duration of the contract

Our Solution

Bouygues Energies & Service designed an award winning project delivery plan which brought together strategic programming, smart logistics and a dedicated mobile workforce.

We delivered an energy focused design solution and guaranteed Kent County Council more than 65% in energy savings. This drove down their costs and increased their overall efficiency.

To ensure ease of monitoring, we have chosen a proven, reliable system which meets all of Kent County Council’s needs and has the in-built ability to offer future “Smart City” capabilities. Providing 100% connectivity for all street lights, all the newly installed units are linked to a central management system (CMS) which will allow Kent County Council to manage and adapt lighting levels as required.

Installation crews are managed by supervisors based in mobile welfare/office vehicles. This ensures safety, productivity and quality, and gives us better control of operations with supervisors based close to the works.

Client Benefits

Whilst still in the early stages of this contract, Kent County Council have experienced numerous benefits through its partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services.

The Local Authority's investment is guaranteed

This is a result of the underwriting of energy and maintenance savings.

The smart logistics approach has enabled an accelerated programme option

Part of our winning strategy was designing an accelerated delivery programme for the LED conversion. By delivering this scheme in 25 months instead of 38 months, additional savings of £4m will be generated.

Average savings of £4m a year

The Council saves money and reduces its carbon footprint by lowering energy usage. Our LED conversion guaranteed saving 65.7 % of Kent’s street lighting energy thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Maintenance costs will be reduced

We offered KCC an annual lump sum maintenance package - saving Kent County Council an estimated £1.6 million over 15 years and transfers the risk of any increased maintenance costs over the life of the contract to Bouygues.

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