RoSPA Gold Win

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Bouygues E&S Contracting UK Ltd is delighted to announce that it has achieved the prestigious RoSPA Gold Award at the RoSPA Health and Safety Awards 2017.


Recognition for its strong commitment to health and safety, the award was achieved during a special year for Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), as it celebrates its centenary. The RoSPA Awards scheme considers the company’s overarching health and safety management schemes, including leadership and workforce involvement. The awards are now in their 61st year.


Case studies

Dijon Metropole 

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Bouygues Energies & Services in France has been awarded the contract as lead company for the 24 municipalities of the Dijon metropolitan area. This unique open data project will be operational from 2018, and will make technical equipment more efficient, optimised and pooled, facilitating public spaces management. This will modernise and improve the efficiency of public action, whilst developing the region's digital economy.


Case studies

London School of Economics Energy Performance

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London School of Economics (LSE) continuously strives to improve its environmental sustainability, and by working with Bouygues Energies & Services and implementing our solution, they have managed to achieve significant reductions with regards to their energy and CO2 consumption.







The principal aim of this partnership was to work with London School of Economics to achieve the 54% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020, as outlined in their Carbon Management Plan (CMP). With this target in mind, LSE aspire to reach a reduction of 57% in order to achieve its short and long term goals.

Although significant carbon savings had been achieve, Bouygues Energies & Services partnered with LSE to support them in meeting their target, attaining maximum efficiency from the remaining portfolio and managing future revenue costs.

Our Solution

Bouygues Energies & Services carried out in depth energy surveys in order to develop a client proposal for the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), this allowed the client to select the best technical solutions from a range of measures. We then implemented these solutions with guaranteed savings through an innovative commercial model that the client could benefit from. The energy performance contract allows the client to hand pick their preferred technologies, that are often selected for their publicity around meeting the sustainability targets they have published through the relevant bodies.

The upgrades and equipment Byes installed included:

  • Chilled Water Systems
  • BMS Re-engineering & Upgrade
  • Boiler Burner Upgrade and Combustion Trim
  • PV Solar System Installation
  • Lighting & Lighting Control System Installation
  • Back End 3 Port Isolation Valves
  • Small Scale CHP
  • Variable pump and fan speeds dependent on demand
  • HVAC Component Insulation

Client Benefits

  • Longer equipment life
  • Extended maintenance frequency
  • Extended life of existing equipment
  • Increased system reliability
  • Reduced infrastructure upgrade requirements for supply reinforcement
  • Improved supply chain position with customers
  • Superior CSR and shareholder value
  • Enhanced reputation and public relations
  • Further meeting the CRC obligation
  • Enhanced working environments

Case studies

BYES Move to an Agile Working Environment 


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Bouygues Energies & Services UK Head Office was previously a traditional office, set over two floors with large personal desks and dedicated directors' offices. The organisation was continuing to experience steady growth, but was unable to accommodate additional staff without a dramatic change to the office environment.


Return on investment


Savings per annum

The principal aim of this project was to create a new office environment that addressed the inefficient use of space and create more collaborative spaces, social and meeting areas, by significantly increasing the diversity of space to work. The redesign had to ensure that overall Head Office costs remained stable, whilst accommodating the company's growth for the next 10 years. It was also essential that the office supported our ISO 27001 accreditation and our ability to store classified documents.

Our Solution

Bouygues Energies & Services managed the complete transformation using our internal resources, from the business case, design, management of refurbishment, the change management and ongoing facilities management. 

Interviews and presentations were carried out with staff, to develop an understanding of their needs and requirements in the new work environment. A desk utilisation study was conducted to assess how much desk space was being used. The results showed that even during peak working hours, the workstations were under utilised. We actively engaged with staff throughout the design process, using collaborative forums and 3D walkthroughs to foster participation and input. 

The new design concept incorporated 15 workspace zones:

  • The Home Zone - A quiet, focused area designed to allow groups to work with their departments
  • The Project Area - Designed to encourage project work with no individual computer work 
  • The Pod - Designed for individuals requiring access to a quiet zone for a short period of time
  • Flexible Meeting Area - Designed for meetings with up to five people and collaborative working
  • The Booth - Designed for meetings with up to four people and collaborative working
  • The Leadership Zone - For use by members of the board for collaborative working and meetings
  • Touchdown Zone - Designed to allow 'pop-in' access for short periods of working
  • Discussion Zone - For informal meetings
  • Training/Meeting Zone - Designed for meetings or training with up to 24 people 
  • The Interview Room - Designed for interviews only
  • The Secure Room - Designed for secured, cleared, authorised personnel only
  • The Lounge - Informal meetings and collaboration
  • Locker Zone -  Designed to allow staff to keep their valuables safe during the working day
  • Phone Booth - Designed to allow phone calls away from your working environment
  • Printer Area 

To manage the significant culture change, we implemented a series of smaller changes using the Kotter '8-steps for leading change' framework. The board were converted to new ways of working and lead by example, releasing their offices before the move. These were converted to meeting rooms using electronic booking. 

Client Benefits

The number of floors has been halved, decreasing square metres by 26%, increasing capacity by 66% and spaces to work by 31%.

Prior to the project, Bouygues Energies & Services conducted an initial Leesman survey, and scored the working environment in the bottom quarter of all buildings benchmarked. After the redesign, a second Leesman survey was conducted, scoring the working environment in the top 4%. Other results showed:

  • A 75.6% improvement in productivity
  • A 80.8% increase in the teams' 'sense of community'
  • A 93.6% improvement in corporate image 
  • A 83.3% improvement in culture


Case studies

London Borough of Lambeth Energy and Efficiency Project

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Bouygues Energies & Services partnered with the London Borough of Lambeth to save energy and improve efficiency by replacing existing street lighting with LED lanterns. 


energy savings

4 month delivery


reduction in energy consumption

The fundamental aims of this project were to reduce energy costs for Lambeth Council, and to provide better illuminated streets. The partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services has also helped the council to become more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions. 

Our Solution

We delivered an energy focused design solution, driving down costs and increasing the London Borough of Lambeth's overall efficiency

  • The ambitious programme of works was carried out by our infrastructure division, replacing a total of 8500 of the HID lighting units with LED residential lanterns
  • Replacement works began in June and were completed one month ahead of schedule in September
  • Throughout the project, we ensured minimal disruption was caused to residents and road users

Client Benefits

Our partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth resulted in serveral benefits: 

  • Local Authority started receiving paybacks almost immediately 

due to instant savings from energy bills as a result of early completion

  • Energy consumption was reduced

from over 905 Kw to 348.5 Kw, a 61% saving

  • Colour rendering from the LED lanterns improved visual clarity

Case studies

City of York LED Lantern Replacement

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Bouygues Energies & Services completed an extensive lighting project in the historic City of York to help reduce energy and make significant cost savings. 


savings in energy costs per year

Our Solution

A large number of LED lanterns were supplied and installed, replacing the old technology of SOX/SON lanterns. The fully managed, detailed programme required the works to be completed to specific timescales/deadlines in order to achieve the desired energy reductions.

The replacement lanterns raised the levels of lighting on existing highways to current standards under BS5489 2013 as well as offering the option of variable levels (power reduction post-midnight).

Our solution brought together strategic programming, smart logistics and a dedicated mobile workforce. Installation crews were managed by mobile supervisors in welfare/office vehicles.

We supplied the labour, plant and materials to provide a fully managed LED lantern conversion programme.

In addition to factory acceptance tests, we introduced a site acceptance test scheme to ensure that all lanterns were supplied and delivered safely to specification. 

Client Benefits

Demanding timescales were met and we delivered improved efficiency ahead of schedule

This was despite site difficulties such as narrow streets and traffic sensitive areas. 

Throughout the programme Bouygues Energies & Services managed any issues on behalf of the council

This included complaints by residents or problems with intrusive light - we endeavoured to keep such disruption to a minimum. 

The LED conversions will save the City of York Council £200,000 a year in energy

The project will also reduce maintenance costs and maintain a high quality of lighting for residents.


Case studies

Highways England Smart Motorway Scheme

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As part of the primary link between Nottingham and Leeds, the M1 junctions 28 to 31 are notoriously busy, carrying a significantly higher level of traffic than they were originally designed for. As a result of this, Highways England partnered with Bouygues Energies & Services to upgrade this section of the motorway to a Smart motorway.




miles of smart motorway


of ducting installed

Our Solution

  • Removal of 45 MS3 signs and 250,000m of cable
  • 60,000m of trenching in verges, side slopes/cuttings and installation of ducting and 62,000m of cabling
  • Design, supply and installation of 94 CCTV masts for next generation IR cameras
  • Supply and installation of 80 raise and lower masts for Wavetronix Radar detection system
  • Supply and installation of 100 RCTTM
  • Supply and installation of 900 motorway communication chambers.
  • Fit out 45 portals of MS3 gantries
  • Installation of 400 cabinets (610 type) with associated plinths
  • Installation of 6 air quality analyses
  • Supply and installation of 240m of steps, 16 landings with handrails and 1200m2 of access paving
  • Commissioning, testing and maintaining site records. 


Client Benefits

Collaborative working and active participation with client was used to resolve problems

A next generation communications infrastructure installed using our knowledge, experience and expertise


Case studies

M25 Motorway

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Bouygues Energies & Services partnered with Highways England to widen over 40 miles of the busiest motorway in Europe - the M25. A challenging and high pressure project, Bouygues Energies & Services rose to the challenge.



lighting columns




of trenching

Our Solution

  • Installed over 2,700 lighting columns, 1,100 cabinets, 250 emergency telephones, steps and retaining walls. We dug 250,000m of trenching, lay over 300,000 metres of cabling and 1,800 chambers
  • Fitted out over 190 gantries
  • Supplied and commissioned Loop sites, MIDAS outstations and transponders
  • Installed new street lighting and associated infrastructure including lighting columns and connection works
  • Installed a new communication network and ancillary works

Client Benefits

Bouygues Energies & Services provided a one stop solution

offering innovation and efficiency

Bouygues Energies & Services procured materials in bulk

this significantly increased the client's value for money

Works were completed 2 months ahead of schedule

We utilised a combined lighting and communications trench

this was due to narrow verge construction



Case studies

Knutsford to Bowden Road Improvement

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Bouygues Energies & Services secured a partnership to implement a scheme designed to improve 7.5km of the A556 trunk road between Knutsford and Bowden, creating a modern dual carriage way.


duct installed.

0 accidents

The fundamental requirement of this project was to; improve road safety, reduce journey time, and minimise environmental impact in the surrounding areas.

Our Solution

To power the new communication systems, we installed, tested and commissioned all of the equipment cabinets, power and local cables. 

  • Installed and commissioned detector loops into the road surface which interface with the Motorway Incident Detection Automatic Signalling (MIDAS) system
  • New ducting infrastructure including chambers,emergency roadside telephone bases, cabinet plinths, hard standings, footpaths, steps and handrails
  • Retaining solutions on cuttings and embankments around cabinet and chamber sites
  • New power supply bases and plinths, including power cabinets
  • Advanced Motorway Indicators and bases
  • Communications network and associated civil engineering


Client Benefits

We worked electronically and utilised diaries

This helped to improve efficiency, minimise costs and reduced environmental impact, streamlining processes and reducing risk.