From 1929 to present day, our priority has always been our clients

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The company was founded in 1929 in western France. From the outset, we were actively involved in modernising society by helping local authorities by bringing power to rural areas.

Growing over the years and honing our talents, in 1984 we became part of the Bouygues Group.

We stepped up our international expansion and diversification drive in the 2000s, recording a decade of strong growth during which we acquired 60 companies including Ecovert, David Webster, ICEL and Thermal Transfer.

As the challenges facing our clients started to change and become more complex, our focus remained on building long-term partnerships and tackling challenges collaboratively. Ever faithful to our role as a developer of rural areas, we also increasingly supported cities.

We become an integrated energy and services operator, taking a key step forward in 2013, we became Bouygues Energies & Services.

Today, proud of our French roots, we have become an international company.

Backed by the wide-ranging cultural diversity and expertise of our 12,500 employees,we are writing a new chapter in our history, one that has a common purpose: to be useful to our clients and society.