Our Jobs of the Future

Want to get involved in the digital, energy and industrial revolution?

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The jobs that we currently offer are constantly evolving along with the sectors in which they operate. Leveraging on the expertise and know-how that our teams are developing today, we are helping to shape the future of our industry.

Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist for DaVinci Institute

We are positioned in high-growth, rapidly developing sectors. Because we are focused on innovation even in our traditional business areas, we encourage you to join us if you want to develop the jobs of today and help invent those of tomorrow!

That’s what we mean when we talk about “shared innovation”.

Let's talk expertise

A host of opportunities await new talent joining us, especially in the following four operational functions: engineers, supervisors, technicians and site workers. Employees in these positions will work in one of our 8 major areas:

  • Electrical and HVAC engineering
  • Facility Management and Smart Building
  • IT and Cybersecurity
  • Smart Cities and city management
  • Energy generation, transmission and storage (renewables)
  • Design, Transfer, Maintenance of industrial processes, and Industry 4.0
  • Digital network infrastructure (FTTH, radio)
  • Transport infrastructure (rail, air, road)

Coupled with our alternative forms of intelligence (whether emotional, situational or relational), this expertise enables us to take on the diversity of our clients’ projects with energy and conviction. And it puts us in a position to support a changing world.

Be one of the 1,200 people we are recruiting worldwide to bring fresh talent to the company!