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Fraudulent offers of employment

Fraudulent activity against our company is taken very seriously. 

We are aware that some individuals have received what they believe to be genuine offers of employment from our company, which have subsequently turned out to be fraudulent. Such a scam is taken very seriously and will be reported to the Police and/or relevant authorities.

How can I identify if the job offer is fraudulent?

Individuals responsible for such scams will often advertise a job, which looks to be on behalf of the company on job websites to entice candidates to apply.

This is then followed by correspondence, generally via email, which can often look authentic and can include our company logo and address details, and may also contain an email address and domain name which may look to be genuinely linked to our business.

If I am interested in working for Bouygues Energies & Services UK, what is your typical recruitment journey?

No personal details are requested via a form at any point, and we never ask candidates to make a payment for visas etc.

Applicants can either apply for jobs directly via our genuine careers page, accessible on, Linkedin, and UK job boards. Bouygues Energies & Services UK does not advertise vacancies for positions in the UK on international job boards.

Candidates will then be contacted directly by either one of our recruitment team, or one of our preferred suppliers. Although there may be a telephone screening stage, we will never make an offer of employment based solely on a telephone interview.

Once a CV is submitted and a candidate is selected for an interview, they will be invited to a face-to-face interview at one of our UK offices. There would normally be a second interview and then a discussion regarding package either with a member of our recruitment team or an agency consultant. We will always require candidates to personally provide their original identity documents (not copies) for inspection at the time of a face-to-face interview, and prior to a job offer. This is in order to meet our legal obligations to ensure their Right to Work in the UK.

A representative from our HR department will then send an email version of an employment contract and a hard copy will also be sent in the post.

What should I do if I believe I have received a fraudulent job offer?

Treat any correspondence you receive with caution

Do not reply and do not call contact numbers provided as these can often be premium rate numbers, sometimes international

Do not provide personal information or copies of official documents, for example passport, driving licence, or NI number

Do not provide your bank details

Consider reporting the incident to your local police station

Please help us to stop fraudulent activity

If you do receive such correspondence, we would like you to report it to us so that we can investigate further.

Please save copies of all correspondence. Wherever possible, try to include header and footer details as this might provide further information which could support an investigation.

Please send this correspondence through our contact us page.