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Why are we encouraging our teams to use social media?

In July we launched our Let’s Share campaign to our staff. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the Bouygues group’s social media pages and encourage staff to share their own stories about their work and the company on their own social networks with confidence. Why? We felt strongly that empowering our people to take ownership of their professional profiles was a win for themselves, the company and the wider industry.; they will be able to position themselves as experts, showcase our diverse and multi-skilled workforce, and raise awareness of what it’s really like to work at Bouygues. 

We knew some of our people were keen to write about their work on social media and many were already doing so. But we also wanted to find out a bit more about the reasons why many others didn’t. Was it because they simply didn’t want to or was there more to it? 

Here’s what we found out:

  • 77.5% of the staff we surveyed at our events had a Linkedin profile but only 26.5% posted about their work or the company 
  • 77% of those who told us they didn’t post about their work or the company, said it was because they didn’t feel confident in doing so, or were afraid of doing or saying something wrong.

We organised a number of site-based Let’s Share events throughout the country covering ways to boost their professional profile using Twitter and LinkedIn, giving them an insight into what makes up their digital footprint and walking them through our social media guidelines. As a result of those workshops, 88% said that they felt more confident sharing content about their professional life on social networks. 

We hope that equipping our workforce with clear guidelines on how they can post about their job on social media in a way that is safe for both themselves and the company will help foster a culture of empowerment and trust. 

We are really excited to see the stories our people will be sharing about their jobs, help demonstrate how they bring ideas to life and what it’s like to work at Bouygues.

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