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BYES Move to an Agile Working Environment 


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Bouygues Energies & Services UK Head Office was previously a traditional office, set over two floors with large personal desks and dedicated directors' offices. The organisation was continuing to experience steady growth, but was unable to accommodate additional staff without a dramatic change to the office environment.


Return on investment


Savings per annum

The principal aim of this project was to create a new office environment that addressed the inefficient use of space and create more collaborative spaces, social and meeting areas, by significantly increasing the diversity of space to work. The redesign had to ensure that overall Head Office costs remained stable, whilst accommodating the company's growth for the next 10 years. It was also essential that the office supported our ISO 27001 accreditation and our ability to store classified documents.

Our Solution

Bouygues Energies & Services managed the complete transformation using our internal resources, from the business case, design, management of refurbishment, the change management and ongoing facilities management. 

Interviews and presentations were carried out with staff, to develop an understanding of their needs and requirements in the new work environment. A desk utilisation study was conducted to assess how much desk space was being used. The results showed that even during peak working hours, the workstations were under utilised. We actively engaged with staff throughout the design process, using collaborative forums and 3D walkthroughs to foster participation and input. 

The new design concept incorporated 15 workspace zones:

  • The Home Zone - A quiet, focused area designed to allow groups to work with their departments
  • The Project Area - Designed to encourage project work with no individual computer work 
  • The Pod - Designed for individuals requiring access to a quiet zone for a short period of time
  • Flexible Meeting Area - Designed for meetings with up to five people and collaborative working
  • The Booth - Designed for meetings with up to four people and collaborative working
  • The Leadership Zone - For use by members of the board for collaborative working and meetings
  • Touchdown Zone - Designed to allow 'pop-in' access for short periods of working
  • Discussion Zone - For informal meetings
  • Training/Meeting Zone - Designed for meetings or training with up to 24 people 
  • The Interview Room - Designed for interviews only
  • The Secure Room - Designed for secured, cleared, authorised personnel only
  • The Lounge - Informal meetings and collaboration
  • Locker Zone -  Designed to allow staff to keep their valuables safe during the working day
  • Phone Booth - Designed to allow phone calls away from your working environment
  • Printer Area 

To manage the significant culture change, we implemented a series of smaller changes using the Kotter '8-steps for leading change' framework. The board were converted to new ways of working and lead by example, releasing their offices before the move. These were converted to meeting rooms using electronic booking. 

Client Benefits

The number of floors has been halved, decreasing square metres by 26%, increasing capacity by 66% and spaces to work by 31%.

Prior to the project, Bouygues Energies & Services conducted an initial Leesman survey, and scored the working environment in the bottom quarter of all buildings benchmarked. After the redesign, a second Leesman survey was conducted, scoring the working environment in the top 4%. Other results showed:

  • A 75.6% improvement in productivity
  • A 80.8% increase in the teams' 'sense of community'
  • A 93.6% improvement in corporate image 
  • A 83.3% improvement in culture

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