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Lifecycle Project is a charity initiative aimed at getting unwanted bikes to those who need them most. The brainchild of Bouygues Energies & Services, InfraRed and HCP, the Lifecycle Project works with hospitals and schools in the UK. 
Through collaboration with the Department of Work & Pensions and HM Prison Service, the ambition for the Lifecycle Project is to create a ‘circular economy’ by upskilling and providing employment opportunities for ex-convicts, whilst creating sustainable transport in local communities and promoting health and wellbeing to key workers. 
Employees from InfraRed, HCP and Bouygues, have been donating bikes they no longer use and have further been sourcing bikes from the wider community. Once donated, the bikes are renovated in prison workshops. During lockdown, we had to find alternative ways for the re-instatement of the bikes, but we will revert to the use of prison workshops as soon as this is possible. After being granted a new lease of life, the bikes are then gifted to those who need them most amongst our key NHS workers. 
We are currently working with three hospital trusts – North West Anglia (Peterborough City Hospital), North Bristol (Southmead Hospital) and Chelsea and Westminster (West Middlesex Hospital). So far, we have received over 90 bikes. 
We had the pleasure of donating adult bikes to their new recipients at West Middlesex Hospital, London. It was fantastic to meet the grateful, humble and awe-inspiring key workers who have been working relentlessly over the last year to keep our country going in the face of Covid-19. On speaking with a few of the nurses who received bikes, it was clear how much of a difference these would make: 
Michele Ociones, working on Marble Hill Ward, said, “Thank you so much, I’m very excited to be able to cycle to work now. It will definitely help my physical and mental health.”
Melvina Davies, an employee at the hospital, said, “I never thought I would be so lucky! Maybe I should do the EuroMillions now too! Thank you so much. In my youth, I cycled from London to Brighton, but I haven’t cycled for years now. Having this bike will really help me get back into exercise.”
Georgina Brett, whose previous bike was stolen whilst she was on shift, was very pleased with her bike which will give her the chance to cycle to work again: “It was so upsetting to have my bike stolen after a night shift, I was devastated. I’m happy I will be able to cycle to work again, it’s my only bit of peace and quiet.”
Werner von Guionneau, Chief Executive of InfraRed said, “We are committed to support stakeholders in the hospitals we built, own and manage, who are in need. My colleagues at InfraRed and I feel strongly that NHS staff are taking more than their full share of the load during COVID. They have served their immediate communities and all of us with immense commitment and the initiative we are pursuing jointly and with our partners, Bouygues Energies & Services and HCP is a small gesture of support towards those individuals who thought about themselves last when it mattered to all of us.”

David Carr, Chief Executive of Bouygues E&S said, “Helping key workers get around during the pandemic when transport links are under pressure will make a big difference to their day to day lives. It is a small token of our appreciation for those who contribute so much to society. This initiative will have long-term sustainable benefits, helping people move to a healthier, zero carbon mode of transport. We are delighted to be part of it.”
Having now also donated bikes to key workers in Bristol, we are very much looking forward to donating more in Peterborough over the next few months. We are excited to be working with a bike training company to identify our next project; gifting children’s bikes as well as offering cycle training. 



The demand for bikes has been overwhelming and we are very keen to source as many bikes as possible. If you have a bike sitting unused in your garage or shed, please donate it to the project. If you are keen to make a difference, please do get involved and contact Nicola Meadley - Project Manager,, 07768 878377. You can access the donation form by clicking this link or by scanning the QR code.




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