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Proud to partner with John Radcliffe Hospital to support the crucial work of Aspire 

In collaboration with our colleagues from John Radcliffe Hospital we are proud to support Oxford-based charity Aspire, as they empower people facing homelessness, poverty and disadvantage. Here are some of the great initiatives they run, that we have been delighted to be able to support. 

Renovating housing for the homeless 

Oxfordshire's housing situation is the single biggest issue that the county faces. Aspire has been tackling the most complex social issues in Oxfordshire for over 18 years, supporting vulnerable local people into and towards employment and housing. 

We recently joined up with colleagues from the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxfordshire County Council and Airlite UK to help Aspire refurbish properties in Oxford for housing. The team painted and cleaned the rooms to get them ready for the new residents. 

Peter Galley, our Contract Director at John Radcliffe Hospital said, “It is fantastic to work with the Aspire team in delivering a much needed intervention facility and supporting those in need within Oxford.” 

Providing employment opportunities 

We are also proud to work with John Radcliffe Hospital and Aspire to provide employment opportunities at Bouygues Energies & Services to empower vulnerable people facing homelessness and disadvantage in Oxfordshire.  

Colin Smith, who recently joined us through this initiative said: “I left the RAF in February 2018. I managed to find somewhere to live and started my own business, but my landlord passed away, and I had to fold my business as I was homeless. Aspire helped me with the council, and encouraged me to attend more events organised for veterans. With all of Aspire’s help and encouragement, I have a place to live and a full-time job working at the John Radcliffe Hospital as a Maintenance Engineer with Bouygues - a job I am enjoying.” 

Emily Clayton, Aspire Oxford’s Recruitment Lead said, “Aspire Oxford are very grateful to employers like Bouygues, who go that extra mile to build successful partnership work. We look forward to continuing our work with Bouygues and supporting with more successful placements.”  

Supporting Aspire’s Christmas appeal 

Last Christmas our street lighting team, colleagues from John Radcliffe Hospital and members from Oxfordshire County Council, supported Aspire Oxford’s – 2019 Christmas Appeal ‘A Place at the Table’. Aspire hosted a festive dinner for people facing homelessness, poverty and disadvantage in Oxfordshire. The dinner provided people with a hot meal, much needed company and a Christmas gift. Crucially, it also enabled access to long-term, specialist employment and housing support. 

Matt Fitzpatrick, Bouygues E&S Sales Director said, “Our involvement with the Aspire project has been very humbling. It was amazing to see so many people come together to tackle homelessness and isolation.” 

We are currently looking at future initiatives with Aspire alongside John Radcliffe Hospital, and are looking forward to offering our continued support. 

(Photo includes colleagues from our team at John Radcliffe Hospital: Peter Galley, June Fernandez Lewis, Andrew Dickinson, Peter Dempsey and Barbora Hallam-Skalova)

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