Strategic Partnership to Deliver the Connected Workplace of The Future

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Bouygues Energies & Services, a global service partner in connected buildings and cities, today announced a partnership with Flybits, a context-as-a-service company that enables enterprises to leverage data intelligence with minimal complexity. Flybits uses data intelligence to deliver relevant information to right users at the right time. Its unique platform unifies disparate sources of proprietary, public, and sensory data to deliver highly personalised user experiences that drive employee and customer engagement.

Bouygues Energies & Services group is developing a connected workplace solution, powered by Flybits, which will allow its facilities management customers to customise the day-to-day experiences of their employees, visitors, students, patients and maintenance staff. With Flybits’ seamless integration of proprietary data, like organisational role or meeting room availability, with public data from third-party APIs, like location or historical preferences, Bouygues Energies & Services will be able to deliver content and services relevant to each visitor’s unique needs and interests.

If an employee walks into a boardroom for a scheduled meeting, for example, relevant documents can appear on their smartphone and the room’s digital display. In this instance, leveraging location from beacons and employee permissions enables the enterprise to ensure that information remains confidential and secure. Alternatively, if a non-employee arrives on campus, a welcome message can be instantly provisioned and the appropriate employee can be notified that their guest has arrived. During Board Meetings, board members can receive relevant information based on access level, permissions and agenda. At University campuses, students, faculty members and even facilities management staff can each receive relevant and timely information when visiting the campus.  These interactions, customised based on a number of contextual data, enhance the visitor experience and increase workplace productivity.

“We are delighted to be forming a partnership with an innovative, global company like Bouygues,” said Flybits Founder & CEO, Dr. Hossein Rahnama. “This relationship will allow us to bring our data intelligence capabilities to the facilities management space, expanding our total addressable market, especially across Europe.”  

“A context-aware, intelligent workplace will help our customers establish themselves as leaders in building efficiency, employee productivity and talent retention. We look forward to working with Flybits to continuously improve our connected workplace offering,” added Emmanuel Chautemps, Director of Commercial Buildings at Bouygues Energies & Services.

About Flybits

Flybits offers a unique data intelligence platform that radically simplifies information personalization and machine intelligence. Using its patent-protected platform, Flybits hides the complexity of semantic processing and machine learning and it empowers large organizations to curate and deliver engaging personalized digital experiences to their customers. For more information, visit and follow us at @flybitsinc.

The partnership will combine Bouygues’ global expertise in facilities management with Flybits’ context-aware computing and machine intelligence capabilities to deliver the workplace of the future. Corporate offices, university campuses, hospitals and other built environments will be empowered to create environments where the user is placed at the centre of the service delivery.


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