Health and Safety Day 2018

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Today we are hosting a Health and Safety day across our entire UK operations along with our partner companies within Bouygues Construction in the UK. This includes Bouygues UK, Linkcity, Bouygues Travaux Publics and VSL. It demonstrates our longstanding commitment to the health and safety of our 4,000 plus employees.

Every member of staff is attending a Health and Safety session at over 100 of our sites and offices to hear about our shared ambition to achieve the highest standards of health and safety.

The interactive health and safety sessions will focus on four key areas to engage staff and encourage them to express their individual and collective commitment to health and safety. The sessions will be presented by our UK senior management and will include the following key topics:

  • Mental Health
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Leadership and behaviours (including the Bouygues Construction 12 health and safety basics, applied around the world)
  • Business-specific items relevant to each of the Bouygues Construction businesses in the UK

This UK health and safety day follows on from the launch of Bouygues Construction’s Global Health and Safety Day hosted in June 2017 which took place across our entire global construction network – some 100,000 people in 80 countries – to launch the 12 health and safety basics to all worksites around the world.

Speaking of the event, Chairman of Bouygues UK and UK Country Manager for Bouygues Construction in the UK Fabienne Viala said:

“The health and safety of everyone engaged in a Bouygues Construction workplace is of paramount importance. This event provides an opportunity for each of us to revisit our individual commitment to health and safety, as well as to reflect on the behaviours of others around us.

“Health and safety plays a key role in every aspect of life; at work and at home; it’s a mind-set and focussing on and improving upon our health and safety culture is everyone’s responsibility.

“Making sure that everyone, whoever they are, goes home safely to their loved ones is our collective duty.”

Health and Safety

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