Shared Innovation

We foster innovation to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients and partners

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In an increasingly complex world, our commitment is to build innovative solutions that will make lives better in sustainable and attractive cities, buildings more comfortable and energy efficient, regions more dynamic, engaged and connected and industry and manufacturing more streamlined and resilient.

Developing the best customer experience, we work alongside:

  • Industrial partners with complementary areas of expertise, including CISCO, EMBIX and CAP GEMINI
  • Academic and institutional partners

Driving Research & Development from innovation through to execution

Our approach to projects is agile and responsive. New ideas are piloted and then turned into industrial solutions for our clients when the results are conclusive. 

Our Research & Development programmes focus primarily on:

Four of our Research & Development programmes:

  • ELSA: a scheme to develop storage solutions using electric vehicle batteries 
  • ECO2 Charge: a programme to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Supported by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management, the programme has three strands: energy storage through second-life batteries; smart electricity distribution and management of charging requirements
  • ISSYGRID: the first operational smart grid in France aims to optimise energy management at district level via mixed-use development (offices, homes, shops)
  • COOPERATE: a European programme that involves developing an IT services platform to optimise energy management in building complexes

Delivering a comprehensive, tailor-made solution to our clients:

  • Dijon Métropole: a consortium led by Bouygues Energies & Services and EDF subsidiary Citelum, and comprising Suez and Cap Gemini is developing a smart city project, unique in France, which is set to become operational in 2018. It is the first time in France that a centralised and interconnected tool will be used to integrate, manage and operate multiple technical systems run by a local authority
  • Smart building: Humber River Hospital in Canada is the first fully digital hospital in North America. It includes smart, interconnected, digital technology systems that provide the required information and service at the right time and in the right place to enhance the patient and carer experience (bedside terminals with touchscreen monitors, real-time geolocation, video calls, etc.)

  • Smart Industry: together with Safran, we designed and set up a real-time vibration monitoring system to prevent failures from occurring and to reduce maintenance costs. Coverage is provided by LoRa™ antennas which send data from motor-driven pumps using IoT sensors. The goal, shared by the client, is to move towards a system of predictive maintenance

Continuously enhancing the customer experience through new working methods:

  • BIM (Building Information Modelling) helps optimise and anticipate choices, as well as manage technical and organisational interfaces to cut project deadlines and costs.
  • COMET is a mobile and transparent software solution for managing all the documents needed to track and monitor the progress of work on site (studies, internal controls, commissioning)
  • eDOE is a multipurpose IT tool that makes it possible to easily find (via web access) all the up-to-date electronic documents needed for the functioning and operation of facilities

Encouraging a culture of innovation

Innovation is key to driving our company forward, we provide a working environment that encourages creativity and collaboration for all employees. 

  • The “Makers” programme was launched at the end of 2016 to promote collective initiative and innovation throughout the company
  • We nominated over 100 individuals to be trained in collaborative and collective working methods with a view to fostering creativity, co-creation and rapid prototyping
Shared Innovation
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Shared innovation is at the heart of Energy & Services.

Smart and sustainable cities, connected buildings, new and improved industry, renewable and decarbonised energies...take a look at how our employees, along with our customers and partners are collaborating in our dedicated shared innovation space. Shared innovation is more than just our tagline, it is how we function as a business. Find out more