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City of York LED Lantern Replacement

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Bouygues Energies & Services completed an extensive lighting project in the historic City of York to help reduce energy and make significant cost savings. 


savings in energy costs per year

Our Solution

A large number of LED lanterns were supplied and installed, replacing the old technology of SOX/SON lanterns. The fully managed, detailed programme required the works to be completed to specific timescales/deadlines in order to achieve the desired energy reductions.

The replacement lanterns raised the levels of lighting on existing highways to current standards under BS5489 2013 as well as offering the option of variable levels (power reduction post-midnight).

Our solution brought together strategic programming, smart logistics and a dedicated mobile workforce. Installation crews were managed by mobile supervisors in welfare/office vehicles.

We supplied the labour, plant and materials to provide a fully managed LED lantern conversion programme.

In addition to factory acceptance tests, we introduced a site acceptance test scheme to ensure that all lanterns were supplied and delivered safely to specification. 

Client Benefits

Demanding timescales were met and we delivered improved efficiency ahead of schedule

This was despite site difficulties such as narrow streets and traffic sensitive areas. 

Throughout the programme Bouygues Energies & Services managed any issues on behalf of the council

This included complaints by residents or problems with intrusive light - we endeavoured to keep such disruption to a minimum. 

The LED conversions will save the City of York Council £200,000 a year in energy

The project will also reduce maintenance costs and maintain a high quality of lighting for residents.

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