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Cutting Edge Facility for the Welsh School of Pharmacy

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The Welsh School of Pharmacy was established in 1919 as part of Cardiff University; one of Britain’s leading teaching and research universities. In order to continue their progress in scientific development, the Welsh School of Pharmacy required the construction of a cGMP pharmacy suite which would include a cleanroom validated to EU GMP grade B to D classification.


student capacity

B to D

EU GMP grade classification

months fast track project

Client's Requirement

This new facility will help the school, not only to advance their teaching methods in the field, but also to replicate the manufacturing standards, processes and protocols expected in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors; enabling their students to better understand and appreciate regulatory requirements before they leave university.  

The intended educational purpose of the facility also required that the two areas – sterile and non-sterile – would accommodate up to 12 students at any one time.

Our Solution

Bouygues Energies & Services’ turnkey Design & Build solution included the stripping out and removal of an old optometry unit, in order to construct a new, fully-functioning unit which met the client’s specific requirements for use as a teaching facility.

The completed unit is capable of providing small-scale cytotoxic manufacturing support, as well as offering a high quality teaching environment, where both sterile and non-sterile areas are regulated to EU GMP grade B to D cleanroom classification.

The installation of temperature, humidity, filtration and pressure cascades were as per the stringent requirements for this type of facility, and were designed to be stand-alone from the central university services, increasing the reliability of the facility’s provisions.

Although the pharmacy suite was not required to be MHRA approved, we ensured that our commissioning and validation of the facility followed the key steps necessary to enable future regulatory approval, if required.

In order for the unit to be ready for the new term, our teams also had to undertake special considerations and planning; commencing the project during term time and arranging their work around end-of-year exams.

Client Benefits

A Single Point of Contact to Boost Performance
Providing detailed design, architectural, procurement, construction, installation, process engineering, mechanical & electrical services, commissioning and validation to offer seamless engineering solutions to the challenges facing our client.

Cutting Edge Facilities
A state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind teaching facility in Wales, with the added value of small scale production capabilities if required.

Minimal Teaching Downtime
By considering the impact of works during the summer exam period, we were able to meet the new term deadline with minimal disruption to student’s end-of-year studies and minimal teaching downtime for the School of Pharmacy.

Future-proofed Delivery
The quality of our commissioning and validation will enable the Welsh School of Pharmacy to access MHRA approval for their facility in the future, if they wish to do so.

Increased Reliability Through Self Sufficiency
Equipment responsible for the environmental parameters of the facility were designed to run independently, negating any reliance on central university services.

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Our Commitments - Pharmaceuticals & Lifesciences

Our Commitments

De-risk Project Development

Accompanying you through the whole project development from concept stage to handover


Technical Expertise

Leveraging our engineering design and construction technique to accelerate and realise the vision of our clients 


Compliance Strategies Within Regulated Sectors

Ensuring MHRA and FDA regulations are met as required



Lean Operation

Ensuring greater long-term operational efficiency and productivity

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